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  • 8:1 student to teacher ratio
  • 70% teachers of color
  • 70% student retention rate
  • 25% of faculty are Aim High graduates

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What’s Happening at Aim High
SF Giants Pitcher Jake Peavy is an Aim High All-Star!

As if summers at Aim High weren’t memorable enough, SF Giants pitcher Jake Peavy made this one especially unforgettable. Through his eponymous foundation, Peavy generously sponsored 22 students to join our program in San Francisco. To honor his support, we launched ‘Peavy’s Pals,’ a baseball-themed afternoon activity. Students explored the math and science behind the sport and made…

5-4-3-2-1…Nasa Hosts Career Day for Aim High Students

It’s not uncommon for young people to dream of becoming an astronaut. Eating freeze-dried ice cream while floating weightlessly above earth is something we’d all like to try. This summer, Aim High students came a step closer to making that dream a reality when they attended a Career Day at NASA. Thanks to Aim High science teacher Jomei Liao, 21…

Yelp Hosts an Engaging Networking Day for Aim High Teachers and Alum

Yelp, the well-known crowd-sourcing website, hosted an exciting career networking day for Aim High teaching assistants (TAs) and alumni. Seventeen high school students visited the Yelp Headquarters in downtown San Francisco for a day of hands-on professional learning and networking. The event was informative, engaging, and fun. TAs and alumni learned about Yelp, its departments and objectives, and spoke with…