Opportunity. Community. High expectations.

All students deserve the chance to succeed. Aim High is a free summer learning and enrichment program in Northern California. We serve middle school students in high-need communities who have limited options, but unlimited potential. Our multi-year program includes academic and enrichment opportunities that prepare students for the transition to high school and beyond.

“Aim High Magic”

So what makes Aim High so special to students and staff? Our students know it as the “Aim High Magic.” This isn’t just an abstraction or a tagline, though.  It’s a very real, deliberate approach to learning and youth development—but it feels like magic to our students. Our students are embraced by a communal sense of belonging with caring faculty who are invested in their success. At Aim High, we believe in the truly transformational power of learning.

Proven Success

Aim High is the largest academic summer program provider in the Bay Area. We’re a nationally recognized organization backed by three decades of measurable results.

Students who graduate from Aim High go on to achieve academic success:


report that Aim High helped them transition to high school successfully


have a better understanding of the path to college after attending Aim High


of alumni graduate high school on time and enroll in college, compared to 49% of low-income students nationally

But those numbers are just part of the story. Learn how we’re making a real impact on students, teachers and families.

Want to Learn More?

We have an ambitious five-year plan to significantly expand our presence in the Bay Area. Read our Aim High Strategic Plan to learn how we’ll grow our program and expand our impact by launching new sites, investing in teachers and launching strategic partnerships to provide more academic support to our students and alumni.