Throughout Aim High’s 34-year history, we have created a pipeline for talented young educators of color. It is critical that our students, 98% of whom are youth of color, have access to teachers who share their cultural and ethnic identities. Which is why each summer 79% of our teachers are people of color and 56% are multilingual.

Research supports our efforts to hire a diverse teaching corps. School attendance, test scores, high school graduation rates and college success are more likely to increase when young people of color have access to a teacher who looks like them. Serving as role models and mentors, Aim High teachers nurture our students’ attachment to school and learning. “As an educator of color, I now have the opportunity to change how Latinos and other minorities view academic success,” said Karla Garcia, a longtime Aim High educator and history teacher at Davidson Middle School in San Rafael.

We hope you or someone you know will join our teacher pipeline this summer as we continue to provide exceptional summer learning experiences to under-resourced middle school students in Northern California.

All of our teachers can expect to be set up for success in a number of ways. Team teaching is a cornerstone of the Aim High model. By pairing experienced professional educators with aspiring teachers (high school and college students), we set our teaching teams up to support and inspire each other and the students they serve. In academic classes and electives, our team teaching model encourages flourishing educators to blossom regardless of their prior teaching experience. ‘“At Aim High, young people get to experience what it’s like to teach in a classroom, and that’s an opportunity not available anywhere else,” said Erin Newtown Harrigan, Aim High teaching intern. This mentorship model is crucial to the Aim High teacher pipeline.

Another key feature of our model is offering relevant and meaningful professional development to all of our teachers. We train staff on topics such as:

  • Lesson Planning
  • Classroom Management
  • Project Based Learning
  • Trauma-Informed Teaching

Aim High is highly committed to nurturing and inspiring all of our staff, from our high school and college interns to our most seasoned classroom teachers.

More than half of Aim High’s staff return every summer. We inspire our diverse corps of 550 teachers to see this not just as a summer job– but a calling! Please join us this summer and apply online today.

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