Aim High is a village and we are the sum of its parts. Our program is not possible without you.  

Help us raise $18,000 of community support before June 25th (our first day of Aim High’s 33rd summer!). Your gift will champion our passionate community across 18 vibrant campuses, and your contribution will be matched!


If it takes a village to inspire one student,  how many does it take to inspire thousands of them? In ten days, Aim High will open the doors of eighteen campuses across Northern California to 2,300 middle school students. During these next ten days–before our 33rd summer officially begins–we will feature ten people who make Aim High come alive, on Facebook, Instagram, and right here on our blog. They will share what community means to them, why Aim High matters, and what keeps them coming back year after year.

If you’re moved by what you see, let’s write the next chapter of our story together.  (Click the arrows on the side of the posts to see the multiple photos included!)

Day 9: Veronica Wright, Aim High Student

Day 8: Elena Mak, Aim High Parent, and Flora Hui, Aim High Alumna 

Day 7: Carol Albor, Aim High Alumna and Teaching Intern

Day 6: Tommy Ng, Aim High Alumnus

In 7th grade at Aim High, I met a really great friend. All throughout high school, college, and even now, this friend still supports me and teaches me new things.

Day 5: Ana Clark Chowdhury, Aim High Board Member

Day 4: Jacqueline Thompson, Co-Chair, Aim High Young Leaders Board

The Aim High community is resilient…Whether it’s students, parents or teachers and staff, there is a pervasive, palpable can-do attitude. Literally no matter what surprises come our way, or whatever challenges crop up in the school year, we do everything we can to rally around our kids and make sure they have the most incredible summers possible.

Day 3: Matt Reno, Director of Program, Aim High HQ

My favorite summertime memory as a child was having the opportunity to do something different. For me it was my grandparents. They lived in Morgan Hill, which at the time in the late 60s was not yet a San Jose suburb. It was the country. My grandparents had a couple of acres with chickens, sheep, rabbits, vegetables, warm weather, and a creek. It allowed me, a city kid, to have a very different experience and opportunity during the summer—and I think that’s what Aim High provides their middle school students, a different opportunity.

Day 2: Jenn Fune, Aim High Educator, San Francisco

“Aim High is such a positive community. I am lifelong friends with my site directors and fellow teaching colleagues and it’s due to such a fun summer working environment.”

Day 1: David Ramirez, Aim High Site Director at Urban Promise Academy in Oakland

“The Aim High community is vibrant, supportive, loving, and adventurous.”

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