A hot summer day? Unusual for San Francisco. The Aim High community stepping up for our students? Standard practice.

More than 30 guests came out on a sunny Saturday afternoon to participate in the Young Leaders Board’s first event, a weekend BBQ. Alyssa and her guests auctioned off cakes for Father’s Day and celebrated Aim High’s launch of another summer of joyful learning and inspired teaching.

Aim High alumni, former teacher, and current San Francisco Regional Program Manager, Denny Tsang, also gave a short presentation highlighting his experiences with the program.


 “It was really great to see so many new faces, interested and engaged in our program,” says Denny. “It was a fantastic first event, and I’m excited to see where [the Young Leaders Board] is going. I think its going to be far.”

As the icing on top of the cake, this event raised almost $1,000 for Aim High’s 10-day fundraising campaign. To build on their efforts, visit www.aimhigh.org/32 and make your own contribution. All gifts before made before 11:59 pm on June 26when Aim High welcomes 2,300 students to our programare matched 2:1!

Find out how you can host an event in honor of Aim High by visiting https://www.aimhigh.org/get-involved/fundraise/

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