With Preview Week in full swing, the Aim High central office is buzzing with excited teachers. The four teachers below will join more than 440 others this summer to create fun, engaging learning communities across 15 campuses.  Come see Charlie, Melanie, Samantha, and Dimitri in action this summer at one of our Visiting Days. 

What’s something cool you’ve learned this past week?

“It’s been really cool to learn about the Aim High culture and see how people who get involved stay involved.”Charlie Ellis

Charlie Ellis
Science Lead Teacher
Marin Academy

“I’ve learned that Aim High i a really supportive community. There are a lot of old and newcomers to the program, and I feel very welcomed.”Melanie Lindow

Melanie Lindow
Humanities Intern

“It’s not so much what I’ve learned, but it’s been the brainstorming sessions and being refreshed by other people who are teachers.”Samantha Sherman

Samantha Sherman
Issues & Choices Lead Teacher
City Arts & Tech High School

“It’s always fun to brainstorm with new and old teachers who have a wide range of experience because we can bounce ideas off each other.”Dimitri Barton

Dimitri Barton
Issues & Choices TA

How did you spend your middle school summers?

Charlie: “I was in Southern California doing programs around the city. There wasn’t a lot of structure like at Aim High.”

Melanie: “I attended camp at the Boys and Girls Club on the Peninsula.”

Samantha: “I went to summer school. I didn’t need extra help; I just needed somewhere to go.”

Dimitri: “I was in Spain with my Spanish family or just playing soccer.”

What are you most excited about this summer?

Charlie: “I’m excited about being able to teach my subject over the summer and help sharpen my skills and tools for the regular work year. I’m also excited to work with a teaching team and see how that might affect my [lesson] planning in science.”

Melanie: “Getting real teaching experience and working with students.”

Samantha: “My students! I’m excited to see those who are new and those who are returning this summer.”

Dimitri: “I’m in the process of getting my B.S. in Educational Theory, so I’m excited to use what I’ve learned thus far and put those tools to use.”

What are you doing after Aim High?

Charlie: “I’ll be teaching science at Buena Vista Horace Mann School in San Francisco.”

Melanie: “Searching for more work, probably as a substitute teacher, and exploring different credentialing programs.”

Samantha: “Holding an attendance position at Lincoln High School in San Franciscomy alma mater!”

Dimitri: “I’m going back to school at Skidmore. For a semester I’ll be student teaching for 3rd and 4th graders. I’m also going to New York for edTPA, a student-centered teaching assessment.”

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