This summer, generous companies across the Bay Area hosted Aim High at their offices for Career Days, a fun and informative way to help students understand the connection between education and careers. See how Credit Suisse, Dolby Laboratories, and GoPro made summer meaningful for students while exposing them to a variety of professional pathways.

To our many corporate and Career Day partners, thank you for supporting and inspiring Aim High students and teachers.

Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse volunteers (back) acted as stock brokers while Aim High students bought, sold, and traded shares of McDonalds, Nike, Starbucks, and Apple stock.

For the fourth consecutive year, Credit Suisse hosted Aim High for an engaging Career Day experience on their 28th floor office space. Students from our campus in the Ingleside neighborhood of San Francisco spent a few hours learning about Credit Suisse’s services and role in the global finance sector.

‘Stock brokers’ collecting cash from Maya Holmes, an Aim High Young Leader.

Enthusiastic Credit Suisse volunteers launched the Career Day by sharing with students their own college and career trajectories. Over lunch, students had the opportunity to chat with a variety of Credit Suisse employees during a couple rounds of ‘Speed Networking.’

Students bought, traded, and sold stocks of some of their favorite brands.

The day culminated with an exciting game that gave students a true understanding of the stock market and how it functions. Credit Suisse employees and Aim High teachers acted as stock brokers while students bought, sold, and traded shares of McDonald’s, Starbucks, Apple, and Nike stocks.

“The game was a total hit,” said Aim High graduate Mariah Napoles who currently works in the Central Office as the Community Engagement Manager. “Kids enjoyed learning how stock values change over time with the invention of new products into the market. There was a lot of laughter and fun.”


Dolby Laboratories

If there’s two things Dolby excels at, it’s making the movie-going experience entertaining and Career Days interactive and fun. This summer, students from our Mission District campus visited the Dolby Laboratory headquarters on Market Street in San Francisco. They toured the work space, explored new technology in the Dolby Cinema, and learned about the variety of career options available at the audio engineering company.

Dolby volunteers collaborated with students as they created Life Maps, an activity that encourages long-term thinking and aspirational goal-setting.

The day began with an introduction to Dolby Atmos, an innovative sound system that consists of independently functioning speakers installed throughout the cinema to create a more powerful and realistic audio experience. To get the full effect, students watched 2D and 3D trailers in a demo theater that Dolby plans to replicate in 30 countries around the world. “After experiencing Atmos, there were visible smiles on faces,” said Robert Sandoval, a member of Aim High’s Young Leaders Board. “I heard students talking about applying for a job at Dolby one day.”

Students proudly pose with their completed Life Maps.


For a second consecutive year, GoPro welcomed Aim High students to their HQ in San Mateo for an exciting, hands-on Career Day, which they documented with the help of—you guessed it—GoPros!  

Students from Aim High’s campus in Redwood City spent the day experimenting with GoPro products and hearing from the company’s enthusiastic team of employees, including founder and CEO Nick Woodman. In small groups, GoPro volunteers chatted with students about career trajectories and persevering through challenges in work and life.

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman signed autographs for students.

During a portion of the visit, students stepped into the shoes of designers and engineers. They tested the impermeability of cameras by dunking them in water, experimented with industrial design software to give products a sleek look, and used Quik, GoPro’s video editing platform, to edit footage captured that day, which we encourage to view below!

Interested in hosting a Career Day next summer? Learn more about the opportunity here, or contact Community and Events Manager Mariah Napoles at

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