Each summer at Aim High is remarkable in its own way. But, no matter how deft our description, our words don’t do the Aim High ‘magic’ justice, so we’ll let our students and teachers do the talking. Here are some of our favorite soundbites (and photos) from the summer:

I used to eat alone, walk alone, and sit alone. Now I have all of these friends. Because of Aim High, I’m a better student, friend, and person.Camron, 2018 Graduate | San Rafael



Aim High built me as a person. I used to be the kid with the big old backpack not talking to anybody. Now I can express myself, develop my thoughts, and open up.Malik, 2011 Graduate and Teacher | Oakland



My favorite part about Aim High is the environment. Here, there’s no judgement. It’s inclusive and everyone has fun. Alexa, Student | Tahoe Truckee



Aim High was the first place that told me I could go to college. Now I attend UC, Santa Cruz on a nearly full ride scholarship.Cindy, 2011 Graduate and Teacher | Redwood City



Because of Aim High, I am smarter and prepared, and I’m getting good grades…My favorite class is science, and before Aim High I had a C-. Now I have an A+Jose, Student | Redwood City



[At Aim High] I fell in love with working with youth and became passionate about helping them succeed. Every single child, with the right tools and resources, can achieve whatever they want to. Now, I’m thinking about becoming a teacher instead of a lawyer.Monica, 2007 Graduate and Teacher | SF Bayview

Photos courtesy of Sarah Kong and Tasha Yee

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