Allan Quevedo Jut

Allan Quevedo Jut

Before Aim High, Allan was shy and didn’t have many friends. He was bullied and struggled with his identity. He preferred books to conversation. He kept to himself. In sixth grade, Allan enrolled in Aim High, an experience that he says changed his life, both academically and socially.

Sarah Kong

Growing up, Sarah’s parents worked two jobs each to support the family. When summer came around, they worried about Sarah and her brother sitting alone at home. When an Aim High recruiter stopped by her brother’s school,  Sarah’s parents jumped at the opportunity to enroll them in a free summer program. “I would’ve been at…

Steve Johnson

Steve graduated from Aim High this summer. Since participating in our summer program, he proudly says his grades have improved, and he has learned to see the best in himself and in peers. Like many of our graduates, he will return next summer to teach in to our program, inspiring the younger generation to continue…