Aim High Graduate, Class of 2011

In the spring of 2007, a shy middle schooler, Katherine, received an impassioned message from her substitute.

“Your teacher wanted me to let you know that you should pay special attention to today’s guest presenters. He says it’s really important.”

The presentation was about Aim High’s award winning summer program. When school let out, an excited Katherine ran home and told her parents she was signing up for “a different kind of summer school; one where kids try things they’ve never done before,” she recalls.

I really came out of my shell at Aim High. I felt more confident and was able to express myself better

And indeed, Katherine was exposed to new and exciting opportunities at Aim High. She mastered algebra, learned how to knit, and made new friends. “I really came out of my shell at Aim High,” she says. “I felt more confident and was able to express myself better.”

When Katherine thinks about Aim High, what she remembers the most is her teachers. “They helped me prepare for high school and college,” she says. “During the regular school year, teachers don’t talk about that, but at Aim High, they gave us advice for three years.”

In May of 2019, a more confident Katherine will graduate from Boston University, becoming the first in her family to attend and graduate from college. As such, she is proud to serve as a role model to her siblings, extended family and her Aim High students, whom she has been teaching since 2011. Katherine credits Aim High with inspiring her to go to college and study education so that upon graduating, she will continue teaching science to low-income students.

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