Aim High Graduate, Class of 2010

Growing up, Sarah’s parents worked two jobs each to support the family. When summer came around, they worried about Sarah and her brother sitting alone at home. When an Aim High recruiter stopped by her brother’s school,  Sarah’s parents jumped at the opportunity to enroll them in a free summer program. “I would’ve been at home watching TV otherwise,” Sarah recalls.

Middle school was challenging. Sarah attended a huge middle school on the other side of town. She felt disconnected from her classmates and kept to herself in the classroom. All this changed when she joined Aim High. She immediately felt a sense of community. The class sizes were smaller and her classmates lived in her neighborhood. “For the first time ever, I was actually comfortable enough to participate in class,” says Sarah. “I felt more confident.”  After graduating from Aim High in eighth grade, she returned to teach. This experience transformed her view of education. “I value education a lot more now. I realize there’s a purpose for each lesson and assignment.”

Sarah now attends the University of San Francisco where she studies biochemistry and math. She plans on one day becoming a STEM teacher in a public school, a goal she has because of Aim High.  Learn more about Sarah in the video below.