Aim High Graduate, Class of 2011

Trinidad Martinez is a San Francisco native and proud Aim High alumnus and teacher. He attended Aim High’s campus in Visitacion Valley and graduated in 2011. He then went on to attend Riordan High School and graduated in 2015. At the behest of his former Aim High teacher Jessie Escobar, Trinidad returned to the program in 2015 to work as a teaching intern at Aim High’s Mission District campus. Trinidad has taught humanities and led the popular afternoon basketball elective Ballin’ in the Streets. His favorite part about Aim High is the impact it has on young people. “Aim High is life-changing,” Trinidad says. “It’s a place of unity, a safe space for students from different backgrounds and cultures; a place where kids can be kids and enjoy life.”

In May 2019, Trinidad graduated from the University of San Francisco with a degree in English. He plans to become a social worker or counselor to help foster youth. In November 2019, Aim High honored Trinidad with the Rising Leader Award at our Annual Gala. Learn more about his story: