Jessie Aim High Mission Aim High Graduate, Class of 2001

Jessie is a born-and-raised San Francisco educator. For 18 years, Aim High has been a part of his life. He joined as a seventh grade student and participated for three summers. After he graduated from Aim High, Jessie returned to serve as a high school volunteer, college teaching intern, and Humanities lead teacher at same campus he attended as a student in San Francisco’s Visitacion Valley neighborhood.

For the past five summers, Jessie has co-directed Aim High’s campus in the Mission District.  “At each stage of my growth through Aim High, the opportunities have been life changing,” he says.

I decided to keep coming back to Aim High because I wanted to make sure the same opportunities that existed for me are available to students today.Jessie Escobar, Aim High Graduate

During the academic school year, Jessie works to improve student’s health and educational outcomes as the Community Health Outreach Worker at Thurgood Marshall High School’s Wellness Center. As part of the Wellness team, Jessie organizes collaborative partnerships that provide health resources to students where they are most likely to access them: in school.

Jessie holds a BA in Sociology from San Francisco State University and is currently pursuing an MPA at the University of San Francisco. Upon graduation, he plans to continue to work in the public and nonprofit sector at the intersection of health and education. In 2017, Jessie was honored as an Aim High Rising Leader. Watch his story: