We’re proud to offer a diverse, engaging curriculum at Aim High. Our evidence-based curriculum reinforces academics from the previous school year and puts students a step ahead by preparing them for the next grade.Aim High Curriculum

The Aim High Curriculum

Our courses encompass a wide scope of academic areas for middle school students:

  • Humanities – We read, write, express and create in these classes to provide students clarity and context about the world – and how they fit in it.
  • STEM Classes – Our approach to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) highlights its value in everyday life and its vital role in our future.
  • Issues and Choices – Middle school—in all its complexity and confusion—is a difficult time. This course helps with making healthy decisions during a challenging transition. The class also helps students look toward the future with its focus on high school readiness, college options and career awareness.
  • Enrichment Electives – Each Aim High campus offers a wide array of enrichment electives. From animal conservation to Zumba, there’s no shortage of diverse activities designed to engage students.

Grade Themes

The curriculum for each grade is organized thematically, with lessons and activities tailored to each grade level:

  • 6th grade: Roots
  • 7th grade: Identity
  • 8th grade: Perspective
  • 9th grade: Stewardship—A capstone experience for our graduating students is the Environmental Education Program

Curious to see our curriculum in action? See what A Typical Day looks like at Aim High.

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