We’re proud to offer a diverse, engaging curriculum at Aim High. Our evidence-based curriculum reinforces academics from the previous school year and puts students a step ahead by preparing them for the next grade.Aim High Curriculum

The Aim High Curriculum

Our courses encompass a wide scope of academic areas for middle school students:

  • Humanities – We read, write, express and create in these classes to provide students clarity and context about the world – and how they fit in it.
  • STEM Classes – Our approach to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) highlights its value in everyday life and its vital role in our future.
  • Issues and Choices – Middle school—in all its complexity and confusion—is a difficult time. This course helps with making healthy decisions during a challenging transition. The class also helps students look toward the future with its focus on high school readiness, college options and career awareness.
  • Enrichment Electives – Each Aim High campus offers a wide array of enrichment electives. From animal conservation to Zumba, there’s no shortage of diverse activities designed to engage students.

Curious to see our curriculum in action? See what A Typical Day looks like at Aim High.

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Join us for a Joyful Summer of Learning

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