Challenging curriculum, engaging activities, small class sizes and innovative teachers. Our model includes all of these because that’s what we believe it takes to help our students reach their full potential. Our multi-year model helps ensure students will be ready to transition to and succeed in high school, and beyond.

A Different Kind of Classroom

We’re a departure from “regular school,” and that’s what has made all the difference. Students won’t get lost in the shuffle here. Our classes are small, with an average of 16 students. From project-based learning to environmental education, we think learning should be joyful, relevant and engaging. Our students dissect, explore, cook, and perform. They craft stories, pose questions, challenge theories, and propose solutions. There’s an excitement and eagerness about learning in our classrooms at Aim High.  

Team Teaching

Creating lifelong learners starts with our dedicated teachers. There’s perhaps no greater proof of our program’s success than the hundreds of graduates who return to Aim High to join our teaching ranks.

Two-thirds of our Assistant Teachers and Interns are Aim High graduates. Each class is taught by two educators who offer different experiences and expertise. Our teachers are actively engaged in shaping the way students learn and are encouraged to innovate in order to educate and engage. We also recruit and retain teachers who reflect the diversity of our students. And those teachers arrive each summer empowered to inspire new ways of learning—in their own way.

How We Measure Success

We don’t just talk about closing the achievement gap. We regularly take stock of how our efforts are helping students. A lot can happen in five weeks at Aim High. We maximize that time and measure how we’re doing. We conduct pre- and post-assessments in math, and a pre-assessment in writing. Our end of summer survey captures students’ attitudes toward learning, which often provide the best insight into our impact.

Learn more about our award-winning model and the difference we’re making for middle schoolers in Bay Area communities.

Join us for a Joyful Summer of Learning
Join us for a Joyful Summer of Learning

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