What We Are…and What We’re Not

Academics at Aim High are rigorous and engaging. Aim High is not a remediation program for students who are failing. We reinforce learning from the previous year and prepare students for what they’ll learn in the next grade. With more than 150 hours of academic and enrichment intervention, we’re proud to offer a challenging summer experience that prepares and positions our students to succeed.

Boys Learning at a Computer

A Unique Approach to Curriculum Development

Our standards align with state and national standards. We incorporate Common Core and Next Generation Science standards. But beyond that, we have conversations with our partner school districts to address how we can work together to help students succeed. Our faculty are encouraged to pioneer teaching practices that are original and engaging. Their diverse experience and expertise are fundamental to helping shape and strengthen our classes.

Specialized Attention for Students

We don’t think success is contained on a scale from A to F, which is why we don’t give grades at the end of summer. Instead, students receive individualized narrative evaluations from each class. These in-depth reports include real feedback from teachers on each student’s successes and challenges. It’s the kind of dedicated, in-depth feedback that shows we’re paying attention to our students and that we truly care about their success.

Aim High academics have never been confined to the classroom. We believe education should help students take charge of their learning. We offer project-based learning and environmental education to ease our students out of comfort zones and expose them to new, nontraditional ways of learning.