What does camping under the stars have to do with education? For our graduating ninth-grade students, it is a fitting end to a transformative multi-year experience at Aim High.

Watch how our environmental education program promotes leadership, critical thinking, service learning.

Environmental Education in Action

The Environmental Home Program is a culminating experience for ninth grade students in their final year with us. During this week-long, outdoor experience in a local park, students participate in habitat restoration, team-building, and reflection activities.

Students spend a week at the park and undertake restoration and conservation projects, such as:

  • Trail maintenance
  • Invasive plant removal
  • Monitoring of native species
  • Planting and clean-up

The environmental education program also includes hiking before concluding with an overnight stay—an exciting first for many of our students who have never camped or even crossed the Golden Gate Bridge. Connecting students of color to regional and national parks is critical for their longevity and protection.

Aim High Outside

Real-World Relevance

It’s about more than just science and ecology, though. We promote team building and self-reflection. A newfound regard for nature has real-world application to their own lives and shapes their identity in their schools, homes and communities.

There’s more to this learning experience for students. Our graduating students are truly making an impact on the local ecology. The Environmental Education program operates at sites close to our campuses:

Students Become Stewards

Cited as a favorite Aim High experience by our alumni, the environmental education program is more than just an endnote for students who’ve spent their final year with us. Our innovative environmental education program is  the beginning of students seeing themselves as stewards, and  understanding they have an important role to play in preserving our world for generations to come.