Education should be about discovery and experience. At Aim High, we believe learning should be hands-on, immersive and active. That’s why project-based learning is such an important part of our academic model. With this hands-on approach, students encounter real-life problems that require questioning and collaborating in order to propose a solution.

STEM Classes

Benefits of Project-Based Learning

Connecting academic knowledge to the real world benefits students in multiple ways. Project-based learning develops problem-solving and critical thinking skills that are proven to help students succeed throughout their lives. This type of active engagement motivates students, which can also help to retain (and apply) knowledge. Our students also learn how to work collaboratively in a team—valuable in high school, college and the workplace.

Learning by Doing

The Aim High classroom is far from traditional. Our teachers don’t lecture. There’s no endless note-taking. Instead of book reports and test taking, our students are DOING things. So what does this type of active engagement look like?

Project-based learning is infused throughout our curriculum. You’ll find our students dissecting cow eyeballs and building mini-roller coasters in our STEM classes. They get their hands dirty while planting and learning about conservation in our Environmental Education Program. They become both reporter and historian by interviewing their families for an immigration podcast for a humanities class.

It’s the type of approach that helps students make real connections to what they’re learning. And that turns students into lifelong learners.

Projects at Aim High

Up Close: Project-Based Learning in Action

“Is It Worth It?” is an eye-opening project offered in our math classes. This team exercise requires students to research the price of college by mapping out costs, loans, interest and potential career earnings. “Is It Worth It?” isn’t just an exercise in number crunching and research, though. A project like this has real-world application for our students, making the pursuit of higher education a real possibility.