Welcome, Aim High students and families!

This page is your connection to Aim High during the regular school year. At Aim High, we are committed to connecting you and your family to resources that provide continued support throughout the school year.

Here you will find information about other youth-serving organizations, academic support, enrichment opportunities and social events throughout the year.


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Attend Upcoming Events

Aim High often holds educational, informational and social events. Currently, Aim High offers a number of programs and workshops throughout the year. For more information, contact Alumni and Student Engagement Manager Maya Nieto at mnieto@aimhigh.org.

High School Transition – Attend one of our High School Options Night events and learn about the opportunities available after middle school!

  • High School Options Night Part 1: Exploring Private High Schools (Thursday, August 23 at 6pm) –  RSVP here.
  • High School Options Night Part 2: Understanding the SFUSD Process (Wednesday, October 3 at 6pm @ City Arts and Tech High School)RSVP here.

Parent Workshops and Support – Find resources about high school transition.


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Find School-Year Support

Aim High collaborates with dozens of high-quality academic and enrichment programs across Northern California. Do you need more support during the school year? Visit Our Partners page to learn about other organizations with whom we work.For more information, contact Alumni and Student Engagement Manager Maya Nieto at mnieto@aimhigh.org.

Scholarships – Find resources about scholarship opportunities for high school, college and more.

Academic Opportunities – Find resources for academic support and opportunities for your middle school student.

Enrichment Opportunities – Learn about fun and engaging enrichment opportunities for Aim High students.

Outdoor Education Opportunities – Build Tule Boats or help with a coastal clean up.


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Come Back Next Summer

Renewal letters are mailed in February. Update your contact information to make sure you receive your paperwork.

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