Academic success depends on continuous engagement even after the school year is over. Unfortunately, as California funding for public education has shrunk, summer has become synonymous with lost learning.

What is Summer Learning Loss?

Summer learning loss is a well-documented phenomenon that refers to students falling behind academically in between school years. Also referred to as the “summer slide,” summer learning loss starts as early as kindergarten. The loss is cumulative. It grows after each passing summer if not addressed through summer learning opportunities.

Middle School Science

Why Summer Matters for Under-Resourced Students

While summer learning loss can affect all students, low-income students fare much worse without the access to enrichment activities to keep their bodies and brains engaged. Summer learning loss is responsible for two-thirds of the achievement gap between poorer and wealthier children — a gap that continues to grow with each passing summer.

Aim High is not a remediation program for students who are falling behind in school. Our curriculum is designed to both prevent  summer slide and to help students get ahead for the next school year. We strive to make an enduring impact that will help students succeed in high school, college and beyond.

A Program Perfect for Summer

Research points to an increased risk of childhood obesity when students are out of school. Our program provides free, healthy breakfast and lunch, as well as the structure and activities to keep brains and bodies engaged. Beyond academics, we offer enrichment electives—from basketball to book club—to keep students physically active and free to spend time outdoors. Activities like knitting and painting let students express their creative independence while rocket building, soccer and dance can foster team building and collaboration with other students. The experience of being exposed to these new activities awaken new curiosities and passions that stick around long after the summer ends.