Aim High has minted and molded me as an educator. I found a new form of patience that I didn’t know existed in me, and my faith in young people has multiplied ten fold. The resilience, strength, sensitivity, and intelligence that my students demonstrate gives me hope for a better world.Gabe, Aim High teacher

At Aim High, teachers make our success possible. We provide summer employment opportunities and professional development for teachers and teens, many of whom are Aim High alumni. We offer competitive salaries and the opportunity to work in a fun, motivated atmosphere with enthusiastic staff and students.

Educators at Every Level

Aim High has a huge range of opportunities. Whether you’re a high school student looking for your first summer job or seasoned veteran, we invite you to apply to work with us this summer:

Collaborative Team Teaching

Aim High offers teachers from public, private and parochial schools the chance to work alongside each other, learning from and teaching each other. Our unique approach to team teaching in our classrooms creates a truly collaborative environment that hones teachers’ craft while improving student outcomes.

Innovation Encouraged

We encourage our teachers to make learning joyful by introducing new ways of understanding and engaging with the curriculum. While all of our classes provide the chance to innovate, our approach to project-based learning, social and emotional development, and environmental education specifically let teachers tailor their instruction to meet students’ needs and create memorable learning experiences.

Small Classes for Maximum Impact

Our student to teacher ratio is 8:1 with an average of 16 students and two teachers per class.  This lets us practice a personalized approach to teaching and provide one-on-one support in our classrooms.

Professional Development

If you’d like to learn more about education or want to master your craft, consider teaching at an Aim High campus.  We take care of our faculty and invest in them with valuable opportunities to develop further as educators. All Aim High educators receive two weeks of training before the five-week summer program—a practice-to-implementation ratio unheard of in public education. You’ll also receive coaching throughout the summer.

Summer 2019 Dates

  • June 10-July 19 for all Oakland sites and select San Francisco sites
  • June 17-July 26 for all North Bay sites, select San Francisco sites, and Richmond 
  • July 24-August 2 for Tahoe/Truckee site

Ready to Apply?

Our teacher application will be available in early January. Please check back here to apply.

Due to the volume of applications we receive we are unable to accept phone calls or respond to emails regarding the status of individual applications. We will send out an email blast to all applicants who have not been hired at the end of the hiring process.

We do not accept emails with attachments or faxes to our office. All applicants must complete the online form.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please email us.